Online Roulette Variants

The online casino revolution has caused heavy competition among online casino software companies in order to produce more casino game variants typically found in land-based casinos.

And that’s perhaps why you, as a gamer, can find so many different types out there! Among those you may find are the following:

 French Roulette

This particular variant is often associated with Monte Carlo casinos, where players can be found huddled around tables.

This particular game of chance originated in France and enjoyed great popularity after the French Revolution. Its rules are predominantly the same as European Roulette, however the game has some rule differences.

 Mini Roulette

Mini Roulette, which can be found at many Playtech Casinos online, is a version of the game based on fewer numbers and with a smaller disc than the American and European variants.

This particular variant, which only includes 13 numbers on its dial (0 to 12), has a house advantage of approximately 7.69% and more or less follows the same European rules.

Multiple Balls

If you’re tired of playing in its classic form, Multi-Ball Roulette provides an exciting addition to the game! As the name suggests, the game involves more than one ball.

In fact, there are versions of this game that use 2, 3 or even 10 balls. The table, as well as the red and black disc used in the game, has the same appearance as the European table. Due to the fact that the game has only one space containing zero, the house advantage (2.7%) is the same too!

Multiple Discs

Multiple Disc is offered by many of the Micrograming and Playtech Casinos found online. As the name implies, this online version uses multiple discs. Once you are familiar with Roulette, you will find the game quite easy to understand and play.

The objective of the game is, fundamentally, to predict where the ball will land among the various Roulette discs present in the game. When playing this game variant, you will find 8 discs in Micrograming version and 6 discs in Playtech version.

 Roller Pro

Écum game that was developed by NetEnt as an alternative to the classic version of Roulette.

The disk is basically the one belonging to Americano, which contains two spaces marked 0 and 00 respectively. The only difference is that it has some additional functionality.


It is a version of the game made by Playtech. Fundamentally this game is no different from other European games.

It still has only one zero and follows the same rules. The only difference from this game is that it is in 3D, so the graphics are slightly better.


It is a progressive online Roulette game that gives players the opportunity to win a larger amount than they would typically win playing the regular version.

The disc resembles Americano’s and the game is played similarly to the common version. The most extraordinary difference in this game is the jackpot bet. However, the house advantage is greater and is at each of 7.9%.


An exciting game variant for you to play is Pinball Roulette. This game has a table that is similar to the European version online. However, the striking difference in this variant is that there is no Roulette wheel.

Instead, the winning number is chosen using the classic arcade pinball machine! You can find this game at several of the Playtech casinos available on the internet.